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Lauren's Excellent BYU Adventures 3

The Larsen Family Reunion in Maine

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Maren's family gathered together for a week in July, and I tagged along as the nanny. I had a blast; all her relatives are a lot of fun!

Note: These pictures ae obviously not an even cross section of the trip. But at some point I'll try to at least get a picture of the Larsen family to put up here.

It was foggy most of the time, but the sun came out, like, once.

Man, the rocks there were AWESOME. The Geologist in me just went nuts!

Uncle Norman went clamming, and it was fun to go with him and learn how. I got five myself!

Actually, on the way to Maine we stopped at a clam festival, where I met a different kind of clam.

I wandered around the local small town, and found this old abandoned house.

AND an old abandoned out house.

The outhouse had this great picture in it.

And also this picture, which I think is very fitting with its abandoned state.

And here's Maren, Jeff, and Reilly all entranced by the computer.