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Lauren's Excellent BYU Adventures 3
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Y100 FEZtival

On June 17 on a whim I decided to listen to Y100 while doing the dishes. The DJ notified his listeners that he would pick a caller to win pit tickets to the Y100 FEZtival the next day. Now, I don't ever call the radio for this stuff. The one other time I've called the radio station was to request "That Thing You Do" when I was like eleven. But for some reason I decided to call Y100. Lo and behold, I won! So the next day, Timm and I took off for Camden, New Jersey in Jeff's stick-shift Saturn. Boy, was it an adventure!

Timm doesn't like Coors. Neither do I.
First, Timm and I wandered around the place and saw all the cool stuff. Yeah.

I found this rock and thought it would be cool to climb it.

climb climb climb climb...
So I did. Well, halfway at least!

the lawn.
There was a lot of people there!

side stage

Since we had pit tickets, Timm and I were able to see really well. We got separated, but that's okay. Timm was near the back of the pit moshing, and I got squished up all the way into the front, almost center. I couldn't have asked for a better spot, and it made for excellent pictures! Beer was flying, people were dancing and smoking pot, the music was deafening, and I got a lot of bruises. Crazy stuff! (Don't worry, I was a good girl!)

Great hair, great guitar...
At 3:30 the Burning Brides came on.

Burning brides, all makes sense now!
Apparently at all of their shows this lobster comes and dances on stage.

guitar player of NFG
Next, New Found Glory came on.

Shame the picture is a bit fuzzy.
This dude has a really high voice!

hooooooba. stank!
Hoobastank came after that. Weird name, great performance!

He is a hottie, eh?
The only pictures of this band that turned out well were of the singer. Oh well!

After they were done, the guitarist threw out one pick (which he used the entire time). I got it!

I really am not a fan a rap...or pot...
Cypress Hill was...interesting...

these guys really advocated weed...
Somehow it seemed legal to whip out a bong on stage...?

Gotta love to outfit.
The Darkness was my favorite performance, and they were simply awesome.

Tight black leather...mmmm  mmmmmmm
Justin's other outfit. Did I mention they're British? Hee hee.

nice gitter stick!
One of the guitar players.

Pretty in Pink!
I really like all of their guitars.

Brass monkey, that funky monkey!
I never was a fan of the Beastie Boys. I didn't take many pics of them.

Look at that gray hair! Ha!
The funny thing I found out is, they're all gray-haired old men!

They drank a lot.
The Strokes was last.

Great lighting.
They had some fantastic lighting.

guitar player. tight pants.
This guy got right up on the edge of the stage, just three feet from me!

darn car.
On the way home, the car decided it would break down. An hour and a half from home.

darn. car.
So Timm and I had to wait for Jeff to come get us.

All in all, the FEZ was a grand adventure. Heck, I even got a thong thrown at me!

The End!